Chef Abilities is a culinary skills program and social enterprise at Applewood Secondary School.

Applewood Secondary School is a public high school for students 14 to 21 years of age who have a variety of abilities. Applewood Secondary School is a member of the Peel District School Board in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 

Through our Chef Abilities program, students develop culinary skills to enhance independence and prepare for successful participation in the community.

We provide individualized programming to help all students achieve their full potential in a caring and supportive environment. Cooking and baking provide rich learning opportunities to develop nutrition knowledge and a variety of skills including functional numeracy and literacy, communication, social, fine motor, budgeting etc. For many, cooking and baking can also be a source of personal and family enjoyment, bringing families and communities together.

As our program develops, so will our social enterprise! Stay tuned to see a growing number of baked goods and culinary delights available for purchase.

We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to sharing our rewarding journey together!